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28 October 2015

Adelaide Advertiser


Re: Your article yesterday: “Families with teens hit by welfare axe”






What a vicious and underhanded government!


Last week they protected ’rights’ of millionaires and corporations to hide their profits and tax liabilities.


This week, they tell us they cannot afford to help Australian children any more. Our system of helping families in Australia is being dismantled in front of us.


It makes me sick.


They spout forth rhetoric – incorrect – about not being able to ‘afford’ “welfare”.


But this is not “welfare” – these are Family Allowances, Child Endowment, Tax Deductions for CHILDREN. People have apparently forgotten that we have had child endowment in Australia since the 1920s.


Supporting children is central for almost all OECD countries. THE most basic principle is children deserve our support.


It is simple.


I don’t know what is the matter with everyone in Australia: how can this sickening attitude of contempt and disdain be tolerated?


What sort of country are we that we can treat our own children as if they have no value?


What message are we giving to them, the children of Australia?


You are only acceptable and okay if you have rich parents?


Where will this attitude take us in future? Why can nobody see how destructive, not to say STUPID it is.


Every child should have the right to opportunities in life. Since when was that denied to all but the wealthy? Every child has the right to be educated, loved, supported in a community.


All we have now is a Market. We are all just cogs in the machine. If you fall out, just go and die quietly without making any noise.




Yours in disgust,


A mother and human being,


Susan J Holah


Melbourne, Victoria



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